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About me


I’m a Christian.

I’m also a Jew.

I am a Jew because that’s how I was raised, in Conservative Judaism. I think like a Jew, in Hebrew modes of thought, as far as I can tell. I read Hebrew, but verrry slowly, although I’m trying to learn it better.

I’m a Christian because I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, with His death on the Cross a substitution for our sins, and His resurrection was defeat of sin and death for all who believe on Him.

I arrived at this conclusion when I was in my early 20s or late teens.

I went through a period of atheism, deciding that all religion was foolishness.

Yet I found that I was unable to deny the Name (which is one way Jews refer to God, as “HaShem,” השם, which means “the Name.”)

If something casts a shadow, then there’s more than the shadow; there’s something doing the shadow-casting. Thus began my slow walk back to belief, the first brick in a long road.

I reread my Bible. In Amos, it struck me like a lightning bolt: There was something missing.

In Judaism, ritual cleanliness is based on being complete, whole. If a bowl breaks, for example, it’s no longer “clean:” being broken, it’s not pure.

Yet ethics in Judaism are incomplete; they form half a perfect circle. If completeness is so important in Judaism, where was the other half? What completed it?

To me, that turned out to be Jesus.

Thus began the Christian walk in my life, a walk in which I am far from perfect. Yet I want to try, every day.


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