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The most important day of my life

I’m using a writing prompt today, because I’m exhausted; I had some ideas about what to write earlier today, but I’m so worn out that I honestly can’t remember any of them. I meant to write them down, but I was too busy.

So the prompt today is to write about “the most important day of your life.”

My first thought was my wedding day, the day I managed to convince the most important person in my daily life to weld her life to mine. She’s awesome, and I love her. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today, such that I am, without her – I’d be a shell, a mockery of who I am, if I even managed to survive this long.

But then I started thinking: what about the day I was saved? What about the day I chose to act willfully in such a way that I could be considered honorable? (In other words, I was trying to do what was right instead of hoping that what I did was right.)

What about today, without which there would be no tomorrow?

After all, the choices I make even now are eternal; suppose I chose to do something horrible, something that betrayed my values and family. (Not tempted, thank you, but just imagine…)

That might shatter my family and future. That would be a decision that made today the most important day of my life.

But then again, my salvation is still probably the winner – my conversion from Judaism, to atheism, to a questioning Judaism, to Christianity was something that affected not only my daily living, but my eternal future as well. It converted what little good I did into something of eternal significance.

It’s tempting to say “my eternal life,” and I suppose such it is – but I’m still Jewish enough that I see “eternal life” as something surreal. Some Jews – many Jews, I guess – believe in it, and the New Testament describes it… but I don’t know what it would actually be like enough to imagine it, and I don’t know that a transformed and glorified “me” would be the “me” that received the “eternal” aspect of such a life.

I guess that goes back to how I see my life in Christ – I don’t worship and glorify His Name because He’s giving me a reward, but I do those things because of who He is. If I received nothing from Him in the process – no salvation, no sanctification, no nothing – He would still be the One, He would still deserve all glory and honor, and I hope that I’d have the honor and pride enough to give it to Him. I find “believe and receive eternal life” to be superfluous – “believe” is all that matters there.

So… I can think of important days, and it’s been worthwhile to try to think of days that might have been important. But I think the cliché wins – my day of salvation was the most important day of my life, even though I have no idea what day that would have been. (It was… summer?)

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