Wandering the savage garden…

Welcome to Exploring the Well.

This site is dedicated to my observations on my own Christian walk.

Because nobody exists in a vacuum, a lot of my observations are eddies caused by those around me.

My observations are reactions to events. whether they’re things that happen in my own life in the process of being married, raising three boys, or working, or things mentioned by other people that make me react and search out my own thought processes on a matter. As a result, you’re reading “me” – which may or may not be a good thing.

I can’t claim to be authoritative, and wouldn’t make such a claim. Where I can, I’ll try to explain my reasoning and back it up with sources – and if I’m incorrect or unenlightened, I’m glad to be corrected.

This blog isn’t exactly new. For one thing, it was hosted on blogspot for a while, before moving to a new domain (and a new hosting application, WordPress.

Also, recently something happened to the database, and like an idiot I didn’t have recent backups (or, well, any backups.) So there’s some time in which posts have been lost, which is especially frustrating because some of them were among what I consider to be my best work here.

As I can, I’ll migrate the content originally hosted at the original domain, and if I can, I’ll recreate some of the content since lost.

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